Brick Following Circle

In using SU for 2D B&W hardscape design, I typically use patterns to represent grass, concrete, and pavers. On a circular or curved shape, how would I make a brick shape repeat and follow the curve or circle? I’ve played with drawing a brick size and trying to follow a circular path but how would I repeat it to fill it without copy / rotate? Thanks for your help with this.

An idea

As for the surface you want to apply the texture to, you can just use the Line tool instead of Curviloft.

How did you repeat the block shape with the pattern in it around the center?

I used a Mirror plugin in my link and in this video I used Ctrl+Rotate tool

I see where you initially did the control / rotate, then you clicked and it multiplied the rest of the way around. That. What was that?

Depends on the definition. I make the dimensions of the pavers close or exactly the dimensions of the paver chosen. The most important point to get across to the client is if it is a double wide brick border that the drawing shows that. Not all clients thoroughly read the contract so the visual representation is necessary for their benefit as well as ours if there is ever a question of what was agreed upon.

Oops, sorry Dave. I missed that you deleted your post.

Basic copy of an object in SketchUp - help article

The shape you presented in this post is not at all similar to what you asked for in the first post (circle), use ThruPaint for that.

I figured you probably don’t need my help. @mihai.s will have you sorted.

Right, that was why I mentioned circle and curved lines in my initial post.
I will try the Thrupaint tool suggested.

Lastly, in the video you posted, you deleted the lines in between the copied blocks that have the pattern in it. How do you do that without the pattern reverting? Does that make sense?

:slightly_smiling_face: If the shape doesn’t change again…


The lines were not erased, only soften and smooth with Ctrl+Eraser.

Thanks for your help.