Help please! "Failed to open document" error message

Hi all! New to this forum so bear with me as I learn my way around.

I’m getting a “Failed to open document” error when I try to open a file I last worked on a few days ago. I know others have posted with the same issue & it looks like the answers are pretty much file size and file corruption when saved directly to the cloud. Size shouldn’t be the issue. It’s only ~125,000kb and I’ve opened a couple larger files just to double check. That leaves file corruption or something else maybe? I do save directly to Google Drive and had no idea this was linked to file corruption so I’m really hoping that isn’t the problem. Can anyone help? Thank you so much in advance!

Is this the file contents? Opened fine for me. Try quitting SketchUp and reopening it again. I’ll try to clean up the file a bit and repost it here. FYI 125MB is a reasonably big sketchup file.

Here you go. I purged and checked a few things, turned off length snapping in units as it causes errors. All and all it’s a pretty clean file, just the usual problem of being filled with very high poly entourage for decorating. The furniture and other interior design elements you have downloaded to fill your model are very heavy and are weighing your model down. The living room couch alone has a few hundred thousand edges. I’m not sure if running windows on bootcamp contributes to this, you must have a good reason for doing so as SketchUp runs great on a Mac, or if you are bumping into the capacity of your RAM or graphics card.

try this:

Yes, that’s it! Thank you so much!! I’ve restarted Sketchup and also my computer countless times already but I’ll give it another shot.

Also, is 125,000 really on the bigger size? My only yardstick really is that 200,000MB is roughly where I’ve noticed a big drop in speed and general performance, (which of course compounds when I run Enscape to render), so I try to keep my files under that threshold. On that note, the only things I know to do to lighten my files is purging unused materials and components, and avoiding hi-res textures, so I welcome any additional tips if there are other things I can be doing!

Thank you again.

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Got it, thank you SO much!! Did not know about the length snapping tip, that’s interesting. Will add it to the list of things to check going forward.

Thank you again, I so appreciate your help!!