Help on Mixing Styles


Is there a tutorial available on mixing styles? The window in “Styles” says "“To mix settings into your current style, sample or drag from the lower pane…” etc. I have tried this and nothing happens and I am afraid I am clueless. Thanks!


What attributes are you trying to mix into the current style? What other style are you sampling from?

It’s pretty straightfoward. Just click on the style that has the attribute you want to add to your existing style and drag it to the attribute line in the upper pane.

If you want to keep the changes, click on the thumbnail or make a new style.


Thank you very much. I will experiment, but how do you tell which attributes will be overwritten and which won’t?


I thought that was clear. If you drag the style thumbnail to the Edge Settings, it’ll only be edge settings that get changed. If you drop it on Background Settings, only background settings will take on those of the style you’ve selected. If you want the edge and background settings from an existing style, you’ll have to drag it up twice.


It’s clear now. Thank you for your explanation!