HELP Noob with Flowify!

Hi Everyone,

I’m somewhat new to the forum so please forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place.

I need some help with the Flowify Plugin. I’ve watched several videos and that it was simple enough to understand but obviously I’m a noob and can’t get it right.

So basically I am trying to create a specific par of sunglasses and have drawn the design flat, Push Pulled to the thickness I want. Then I created the curve/shape I want it to bend to.

I put that Target face/shape in it’s own group. I then created a Base Face and put that in it’s own group. Next I created Target Lines to and from Base/Target Face, put those in a group and then Grouped all 3 together.

I place my half sunglass design in it’s own group. I select both groups, go to Flowify but get this multiple error message.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong or if there is another way I can bend my glasses to my desired shape.

Thank You, Any help is greatly appreciated! I have attached a few images.


With CLF Shape Bender

And with Flowify. Make sure the bent surface is properly created



Pattern, Projection and Target must have the same count of faces.


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I’ve answered in your other topic, a little unnecessary work if the answers are right here already.


Hi thanks a lot for these guides they really help!! You mention to make sure the “bent surface” is created properly, what is the correct way to do it? I believe that must be one of my mistakes. Also must the target lines be equal lengths?

Thanks again very much appreciated!

Thank You for this!

Hi apologize about that. I posted in the other forum first and then found this form and posted here shortly after. I hadn’t received any replies at the time.

Thank You though for help.

I see one problem is the target and base face were not created properly. I need to figure that out next.


As Cotty has already told you, target group should only contain the face, not a 3D volume. As for how you create that face, there are many possibilities, but be careful how you build it (see GIFs).
Not like this

And check the two edges that connect the two groups (target and projection) they are correctly positioned.



Aghhh I’m still getting the same errors! Frustrating, the target lines are properly connecting. I must not be creating the faces right.

You can upload your current model so that we can have a look…