Help...No green/red dot anymore

I’m new to Sketchup, I got a problem today that whenever I use pencil or anyother tool like measure, guide icon, it won’t show me green, red, blue square, any shapes for snapping anymore, instead, I got this weird thing shown near the pencil. see the image. please help…I can’t stand it. Thank you very much.
Screenshot 2023-05-23 125956


What browser are you using? What graphics card? What happens if you set the Camera to Perspective?
Screenshot - 5_23_2023 , 12_08_20 PM

This is what I see in SketchUp for Web. This is in Chrome with an Nvidia graphis card.

I had the normal snapping dots/square (green, red, blue…) all the time before today, but not sure what I accidently clicked a couple of hours ago, then all of sudden became like this weird thing. set up perspective is the same thing, I even tried different files, all the same now. driving me crazy. it doesn’t snap very well.

What do you see when you go to this site:

Please provide the details of your system (Mac or PC), what OS version, browser/browser version, and what device are you using.

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