Help needed for a C64 demo


we need support for a Commodore 64 demo. Yes, for this old hardware!

The idea is to have an interactive demo showing filled 3d graphics @ full Hz on this 1 MHz computer. This is of course not possible, that’s why we go for it :slight_smile:

The tasks would be:

  • create simple and not very detailed 3d objects (e.g. tower, ufo, crater, etc.)
  • place them on a globe
  • mask the globe (make it invisible)
  • rotate the globe/objects with given angles (total: 1024 steps)
  • generate (1024) BMP images with C64 compatible restrictions (16 colors, 320x200 resolution, double-wide pixels in x-direction)

The aim is to show the final demo at a demo contest, other people in the team take care of the hardware, music, coding, and 2d graphics.

Anyone interested in doing something different? Please let me know, that would be great!

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What has this got to do with SketchUp ?

I never used SketchUp on my own - yes, I know, shame on me :slight_smile: - so I might get your answer wrong.

Do you mean that SketchUp is technically not able to generate the described images?

If so, please let me know, than I will focus on other tools.

Or do you mean my description was not precise enough?

Then I will try to be more clear: The 3d models should be used to generate 2d images for given angles. This I thought could be done using SketchUp. These images are then the input for a tool chain which highly compresses the input and finally generates C64 compatible data. I hope this description is better.

Ah,… okay. I see you want the output from SketchUp. (I was just making sure as this forum is for and about using SketchUp.)

It may require some Ruby coding, or a plugin to leverage an API method to save the view. (Likely there are plugins already.)

Looking at … Class: Sketchup::View — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation
it will do some of what you wish except write a 16-color image and the double-wide pixels.

The 1024 images would need post-processing in an image editor (preferably one with scripting automation.) Perhaps GIMP ?

What is the benefit to the SketchUp 3D modeler ? Pay ? Credits ?

Is there a prize for this contest ?

Yes, GIMP would be possible, or I would write my own scripts.

Good point! I forgot to mention this potential critical point because it is self-evident for the C64 community but of course not necessarily for the SketchUp community: there is no money involved, it is all about fun and making old computers do things which seemed to be impossible back then. Sorry for beeing not clear about this point in the first place!

The target is the worlds biggest demoparty:

There is prize money involved, but that should not be the motivation.

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