Help me to smooth out my design

can someone help me smoothen out my model as when I upload it to my 3d printing slicer software, it turns out quite a mess, help would be much appreciated.

oar clamp2.skp (166.7 KB)

Does this look like it would work for you? I changed the shape of the opening and maybe that’s not what you wanted.

I rotated the hexagonal recesses so the corners don’t meet the sides of the channel.

Here’s the .stl. Remember to import into the slicer with units set to millimeters.
oar clamp2.stl (326.5 KB)

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Or would you prefer to have the edges radiused?

that is amazing i really like the edges radiused, just wondering if you would be able to have the same angles on the arc of the original file i linked?

Do you mean on the underside with the sharp transition at the upper part?

yes this part of the design image

honestly thank you so much you are a hero, do you think you could send me the stl file, thank you so much

Here you go. Good luck with printing it.
oar clamp2.stl (907.8 KB)

youre the best thank you

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