Help me model this building

does anyone know how to draw this model / windows
help me please i’m lost here !!

ok, so my first instinct is to try and understand some of this shape better , so I’ve gone and found a more 2d like view.
Not perfect, as the chances are it has been taken from the ground and straightened

Then using the arc and circle tools, trying to plot out the shape.

Next up is to work out the shape of the window - it almost looks like some kind of sub divided rectangle shape…
or perhaps even a basic bezier curve?

I had a quick go.
I used Fredos Bezier spline to do some of the curves

Then i moved the height of the three rings

then used curviloft - skin contours to skin the lines

Sketchup diffusion for cherry on top


thank u a lot :blush:

Thank u … it realy did help me :blush:

Quads - subdivision modeling


This has been consuming me :joy:

I’ve been trying to figure out the exact type of curve that has been used to make these shapes - the closest I can get is a hyper parabola which can be viewed in 3D as a slice from a cone


Or perhaps

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