Help me: Cannot rotate a whole objects after each part animates individually!

Halo, I just installed plugin Animator in Sketchup2018

I try to make an animation from being separated to being whole and finally I want to rotate it as a whole.
I managed to make the separated object into a whole object but when I use SPIN movement, I set a porous at the center and my models cannot rotate as a whole (they rotate individually seems like it was exploded first while rotating). I’ve tried to use ROTATE movement too but it still didn’t works (my object rotate individually).

I guess it was because in timelapse, I have 8 objects inside my models that move individually so when I want to make it rotates in a whole, this sequence must be applied to my all 8 objects but I have no idea how to do.

What am I missing here ? I uploaded my videos. Please help me

Maybe you should ask in the Animator thread at Sketchucation.

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Thank you! I’ll try it.