Help logging into SketchUp


Haven’t talked in a while, but have been doing mostly other stuff. Quick
question…How can I sign in to Sketchup from my upstairs computer? Any
help would be appreciated.



Hi Rob, it has been a long time.

Are you indicating you would like to access the SketchUp 3D Warehouse or Extension Warehouse from your computer upstairs? If so, click on the little head icon in the lower left corner of the screen to log in.

Actually Dave, I would like the option of using the upstairs or downstairs
computer for designing…getting a hip transplant soon so…I will be
trapped upstairs a lot. I don’t remember my password but I clicked “forgot
password” and it said it emailed me a new one, but the email never came,
tried again still never came. Any insight is always appreciated.



I’m confused. Do you have SketchUp installed on your upstairs computer?

Good luck with the hip?

In my opinion you should open a new thread to avoid a new topic get mixed up with an old one.

Sorry, out of my wheelhouse.

Are you saying you’d like to have SketchUp installed on both computers? That is possible – you just need to install SketchUp on your second computer and use the same license information from your original purchase. If you’re having trouble remembering which email you used, perhaps I can help with that. Feel free to PM your contact details and I can look into it.


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Dave…I have not installed it upstairs, can’t remember my username or
password. Probably a “cover password” I use on different things…I will
install it now and see what happens. Thankyou for your time Sir…


Can you explain where you’re trying to log in? In order to use SketchUp pro, you shouldn’t have to log in anywhere. You download it to your computer from here and use the license information you received when you originally purchased it.

However, I’m not seeing a license with the email you provided. Do you have another email address?

Do you mean signing into web services like Extension Warehouse, 3D Warehouse etc?

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