Help in keyshot rendering

ies (987.8 KB)

Hi need help with my model with ies lights. (file attached)

I have attached the file of my model.

  1. Im giving the ies light effect. And the light is pointing towards the inner side. And i want the light should point downwards or vertical way (jpg file attach). How can i rotate that ies light which are pointed to different or inner direction. And How to hide that ies grid lines. Is there any option or key to hide grid lines seen in the image orange color.

  2. I have given the glass effect and the steel turned effect to the door. I want the panel edge should shine like the steel but it look only a black border. And there is a blur edge to that door and handles.

3.After rendering the scene i have given glass effect to the door but the edge between the door i cant see. To the glass door it has 2 panel and i can view 1 glass panel with 2 handles. Look artificial

4.In the ies multiplier when i want to reduce the light 0.001 or little less. i want to reduce little it go to much bright light or just single “zero” increase or decrease with make my light less or full dark black. How can i adjust it.

You should ask your questions about using Keyshot on their forum. The folks there will be able to answer them.

i have ask question in keyshot forum also more than 3days gone i didnt receive any reply so i have posted the question here also.