Help Drawing Electric Cord

The attached file contains a rendition of a Milwaukee type M18 Battery Charger. I think I’ve come pretty close to capturing it, but I have no clue how to proceed to to draw a typical 2-wire flat electrical cord.

Could someone please point me to a wiki or guide me through it?
M18 Battery Charger.skp (306.4 KB)

Not bad. You should correct the reversed faces–the green ones in my screenshot.

As for the cord, Draw a simple cross section of it it and draw a path, perhaps with the Free Hand tool. Then use Follow Me to make the profile follow the path.

Quick example with no intent to model the corner exactly.

Good Evening, Dave!
Thank you for the response. I took care of the reversed faces and made a few other improvements in the drawing. I’ll give the cord a try later.

Thanks again.

M18 Battery Charger.skp (362.9 KB)

Not sure if it will help but if DaveR’s method doesn’t suit you these videos might give you some ideas.


Thanks, Guido!

In the attached file, I cannot draw lines nor do I find the usual end points of lines in the drawing. For example, I cannot draw the irregular line Dave suggested from the profile representing the electric cord.

What, if anything, should I look for to correct the problem? I thought it might be a corrupted instance of SU; but saving the file,closing it and SU and restarting both had not good effect.


M18 Battery Charger.skp (356.2 KB)

Which profile are you trying to use. The one closer to the charger is inside the group. You’ll either need to cut it out of the group or open the group for editing to be able to work with it. By the way, you haven’t fixed the reversed faces as evidenced by the green faces in the screenshot.

What happens when you try to draw the path? Instead of the Freehand tool you could use the Line and Arc tools or as I did in the example, below, The Bezier Spline tool. I cut the cord profile out of the group first.

Hi Dave! Thanks, once again, for the help.

I made a mistake with the last file attached. Somehow I lost sight of the path and the updated file was not attached. I think I have that fixed now. You should see that the faces are all intact and not reversed.

The electric cord comes out of the front as indicated in this file (if I got it right). The problem that I’m having is that I cannot get the figure of the cord profile to follow the path. I first select the irregular line, then click the Follow Me tool; but when I then click the cord profile, nothing happens.

As you can see in the file, I was able to get the cord image by drawing straight lines and connecting them with a half circle. I was never able to get the irregular line to work. Might it be because the follow me requires a path that is perpendicular to the object that follows it, maybe?

M18 Battery Charger(3).skp (373.8 KB)

Sorry but no. You still have exposed back faces. As before, shown in green which is my default back face color.

It would be easier if you would model the cord outside of the group. As it is you have a path passing through the body of the charger.

The initial part of the path is flat on the front of the charger.

You need to have the path extending out away from the profile.

Why don’t you start a new SketchUp model file and model the cord by itself so you don’t have the charger getting in the way?

I’ve had trouble getting the right file attached, apparently.
See if this is any better.

M18 Battery Charger(3).skp (477.7 KB)

You’ve still got issues with reversed faces you need to address.

When you want to make a bend let sketchup help you with the inference system.
Look here how I have taken two straight edges from the midpoints of your model, then used the Magenta inference to blend the arc with them to make a smooth curve.

Thanks, Box!