Follow me tool problem


Hi Guys,
It’s me again. I want to make a paper bag and tried to build the cord with the follow me tool, but it won’t work on the edges. Does anybody know what to do here? I attached the document I worked in.

LoveloveloveTüte groß.skp (615.3 KB)


Probably too small. Try scaling up before running Follow Me.


You mean I should attache this one piece after scaling it?


Make the cord and its cross section a component. Scale up a copy of the component - by 10x or 100x.

Use FollowMe on the scaled up copy. Reverse faces if needed.

And then your cord should work.

And you can delete the scaled up cord.

For example, like this:

Tüte groß.skp (851.0 KB)

You may want the cord bigger or smaller. And you might want to hide or soften the circles at the change in angle of the cord. Or just use TIG’s plugin Weld to make the FollowMe trajectory a single polyline before running the FollowMe tool.


Thank you very much. How can I soften the angles?


Easiest way is to Hide them. Use a left-to-right select around the joint, then R-click, Hide.

Or select them, then R-click. Soften/Smooth, and adjust the slider until they disappear.


You could also make the angles softer by drawing shallow arcs. I did that for this screen shot and increased the number of segments for the curve on the top.

To help keep the file size down a bit, I made only 1/4 of the cord as a component. It was then copied and flipped to make the other four quarters.

I fixed the reversed faces on the bag and repainted it as well.
Tüte groß.skp (384.3 KB)


Thank you, it worked perfectly :slight_smile:


Ok thanks. I’ll try it :slight_smile: