Help Drawing 3d curved objects

How can I render curved 1" flat stock steel? I’m having a hell of a time trying figure out 3d curved objects. please help!

Hi. Do you mean draw or create curved objects or by render you mean processing visually afterwards?

I am a beginner and can use the push/pull tool to make cylinders and boxes. but I have to do a drawing of a 3d object that involves using curved 1" wide flat stock steel. Please speak to me in English and not tech. I am so frustrated right now. Thank you for your understanding.


I don’t think anyone can quite understand your question. You may not even be using the correct terms…which is all that Rick was trying to establish.
Could you not simply draw out this curve on the ground using the Arc tool, offset it 1" with the Offset tool, join the ends up to form a face then hoist the 2D plan into 3D with the Push-Pull tool?

Thank you for the gif. That is what I ended up doing to create these “quick” sketches of a custom sculpture for my boss & fabrication team.
Curved objects have just been very challenging for me to create.

Jonathan Sudler

Ah, yes, they can be challenging for sure. Sorry I was confused before by “render” in your question.

Rendering usually refers to a post process that is after creating or drawing the 3d objects.

From the object you had to make, that is a challenge. You might want to look into a plugin called “ShapeBender”. It’s a little tricky to learn how to use it but worth the time because you can make your objects straight but with the profile you want, and then use the plugin to bend it. Think of it like taking steel tubing and then bending it in a bending machine.

One way I found to make round objects that are not perfect circles, is to first draw a flat 2D “profile” of what you want to make. Then when it’s perfect, use the follow-me tool. You can also try “round corners” extension.