Advice on building flat, curved shapes

Manufacturing engineer with small business working on updating manufacturing processes from handwritten instructions Using SketchUp give visuals on the ‘how to’ building lights with sheet metal. Trying to create “swedges” from sheet metal but can’t figure out how to make it happen in the program. Any advice on using original toolset, or a recommended online plugin? Included a pic of my work in progress.

Are you just trying to create the curved surface on the outline at the right?

One way to do this would be to think in terms of the overall shape of the shade. Draw a cross section of the metal and the footprint of the shade (a square in this case but it could be anything from a triangle to round.) Then use Follow Me to sweep the profile of the shade around the outline of the footprint.

If all you want is a single surface and the thickness isn’t important, you can select that surface and copy it out or even delete the rest of the shape.


Nice, thank you so much!

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