I need help making a curved body. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated

Hello! This is my first time posting here so I hope it is in the correct category.

Anyways, I am quite new to SketchUp and need some help… I am an entrepreneur working on a new potential product. I have taken some pictures that will hopefully simplify my question:

As you can see on Image 1, there are 2 objects, object 1 is just a simple cylinder, and object 2 is a body made out of a rectangle and “half” circles on each side (I used 3-point arc) that formed a layer that I then pulled out, making a 3d object.

Now to my problem, the space between them is supposed to be a body that merges into both objects, as I had trouble even thinking what that would look like, I did the 2 axes seperately. By that I mean the way I want them to look just from the sides. Image 2 & Image 3

This is them centered in each other: Image 4

And finally, them between the empty space from the object 1 to object 2: Image 5

I hope this wasnt to confusing… Any ideas on how this could be done? I have been stuck on this for 2 days now and can not think of anything… I would greatly appreciate any advice. Cheers.

There are quite a few ways to do it.
Manually you could extrude the square with the half circle toward the cylinder in a series of steps that you would gradually scale down until you get to a circle at the other end. If you look at the geometry shown in black in the gif, that is effectively what you do manually.
Are you familiar with Plugins? I don’t normally recommend plugins at the early stage of learning, so it depends where you are.
There are several plugins that will do it in different ways.
The most straightforward of these would be Fredo’s Curviloft.


Thank you so much, I am now done. I am try grateful… you helped me tremendously. And I am a beginner, this was my first plugin!

I’m glad it worked for you.

Good video Box :grinning:

Box…what do you use for your screen captures? Cheers.

download a small software
and how to use