Help Cutting Out Symbol Texture (Transparent Background)


Is it possible in SketchUp to easily cut around an image (such as a logo or symbol) so that it blends into the background of an object?

For example, I’m trying to place the hazard symbol below onto a metal plate to give the effect show in the following image. Currrently, the symbol has white background around it in my model, it does’nt look like a sticker on a metal background.

Many Thanks,

Do you want it to be an object to apply to the door or do you want it to appear as if it is painted on the door?

I used Image Trimmer from TIG’s SKM tools to create a face to the shape of the sign after editing the image to convert the white to transparent pixels and crop the image down a bit.

The image is now a texture in the model. If you wanted it to appear as if it was painted on the door, draw the shape of the sign on the door to divide the surface into two regions. Then apply the sign texture inside the triangle and another texture outside. If you don’t want to see the edges around the sign you can hide them.