Help Creating a Backlit Textured Wall in VRay for Sketchup

Hi Everyone

I am currently trying to replicate this effect using VRay and SketchUp for use in my sensory room projects.

It’s essentially a 3d printed, textured, translucent PVC that is being lit from behind using LED strips to create these highlights.

I am fairly new to VRay and I’m struggling to replicate this effect. At first I lit the texture from the exterior but of course I didn’t get the desired effect. This material was created using Substance Sampler, and then I just made a material in VRay using the exported texture maps for the diffuse, reflection, and normals.

The main way we win projects is through visualising these spaces for the client, and I really think this could be a brilliant new product for our projects.

Another method I’ve been playing with is using the displacement map exported from Substance Sampler to create geometry within SketchUp and then applying a SSS material to the object, however, I am still not getting the desired effect. The entire object is taking on the colour of the backlighting and not giving any highlights.

I’m sure someone in here with more experience would be able to help!

There are a few ways you could do this - to get the shape - break it down into 2 things.

The shape of the round bubbles
The straight ridges that run across them

If you can make a 3D model in SketchUp of the bubble shapes, making the ridges/lines across them would be very simple in vray.