Alusion Material


I would like to recreate a LED lighten Alusion wall. Like this one:

What would be the best method to use to get the more realistic render? I’m using Vray.

Thanks a lot in advance!



Create an Emissive material and add a texture to Color slot (try Noise, Cellular, Speckle. etc.)


Thanks a lot for that little demo. Very useful!

Now if I wanted to give some height to those ‘holes’ of light, do I have to create a texture in photoshop? or there’s a way to do it in Vray?

you can probably use that same texture as bumb or displacement map

I’ll try. And if I wanted the black part to have a different color and reflection?

the black is called “Color A” in Mihais animation

Yeah but I change that color, it also becomes an emission source.

also you said to use the same texture, but sorry for what seems a stupid question, how do I export the vray material I created as bitmap texture to then be able to use for my height?

you can right click on the texture slot and copy it, move the mouse over another texture slot (displacement e.g.) and paste it there as a copy