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I have an ongoing project that requires a bit of a rehash.

The models I have created are used for a kitchen cabinetry system where each model has variable dimensions, drawer configs and doors etc.

I’m in the process to replicating a rather large catalogue of all these items in.

What I have come across however is they are rather slow and large to load in that it slowing down my workflow quite drastically. More so, because they all have curved edges. It’s really a teeth gritting moment lining each one, to another, rather than a pin-point click corner to corner sliding and slotting them all into place together. It’s so much easier without curved corners.

Ideally, I would like to have the models switch from one state to another. That being curved edges and non-curved. It’s quite a lot of work so perhaps I ought to let you know my objective and whether there’s a better way? Please.

I use rendering software once the SketchUp drawing is complete and curved edges makes the render much realistic.

Has anyone found a clever way to keeping models simple without the curves but achieve representable 3D Renders that shows curved edges or know of any neat tricks to help me?

I really think I might have to draw these all from scratch again as the models were ripped from a .DWG file.

I’d be so grateful if somebody would have a look.

Thank you.


Do you mean radiused edges?

The best thing is to create the components such that their axes are located to make dropping them in place a simple matter. I’ve never found it useful or worthwhile for my modeling to keep cabinet doors but for hardware like drawer pulls, hinges, screws, latches, etc. I set the component axes so I can quickly locate them after dragging them in from the Components panel.

That sort of thing would require having different components and switching between them. That would further bloat your model and create even more of a slowdown than you are currently experiencing.

Some rendering applications can simulated radiused or beveled edges when they aren’t actually present in the model. Additionally, it might be that you can reduce the number of sides in the arcs used to create the radiused edges without any degradation of the render. That is often the case for small radii.

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