Editing a curved surface

Hi there!

New to the community.

Currently trying to add drawers/cupboards onto a curved surface and I’m finding it almost impossible!

I’ve reading tutorials and various forums that suggest using push pull or follow me, however, neither of these tools work.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :smile:

solved this myself!

For anyone that’s interested…

I needed to separate the shape off from the rest of the base and then use the ‘option/push pull method’ (hold option key and push pull up from the bottom to create lines through the curved surface).

Yes. That’s one way to do it.

You could also copy just the curved edge as I did for the drawers and other parts on the front of this piece.
Sheraton Table

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Ahh yes good idea - thanks :smile:

How did you then edit the drawers individually? e.g. push/pull the drawers out etc

The drawers are drawn as they would be built: using separate components. Just as would be done in the shop, the drawer fronts start out as thicker blanks onto which I placed curves. Those curves were then used to trim the draw front. The drawers are nested components and can easily be moved in or out as desired.

Ahh I see ok thanks for your help!