Help cancelling my subscription

Im unable to contact the support team to cancel the SketchUp studio subscription i purchsed a few hours ago. There is no contact number where this issue can be made. i added my card details thinking it was a monthly subscription and that i need to add my card details to even access trial period. i did not realize my mistake until a few hours later. i have been frantically trying to connect with someone who could help me. i did not have funds and what i had is also gone. i feel very helpless. The customer support is not working so i couldn’t place my complaint there. i tried several times but am just left feeling scared, worried and helpless.

Did you try contacting them through the normal channel?

It’s 6:30 in the morning where they are. Give them a chance to get to work. I’m sure when they get started working, they’ll get you sorted out. Don’t panic.

i did . there server is not working and so i cant even lodge an issue.