Cancel Subscription

Can someone please help me cancel my subscription I have looked on the website for several hours and cannot cancel. I want to cancel before my 14 days are up but it seems impossible. Please help.

contact administration:

It looks like you only bought the subscription a few hours ago. Pretty certain you will be within the 14 days. The Message Us on the link Mike gave would be a good way to start.

Hello Colin,

I just receipt, this morning, my billing information about renewal subscription.
The problem is, I don’t use it anymore. I had a look 3 months ago to be sure not to have an auto renewal one and haven’t found the request option. I never receipted a mail from you for asking me if I’m ok for an auto renewal. This morning I found the request option and turn it off. Could you, please, cancel it for now because I will never use it ? I already contact the support for…

Best regards

I see you submitted a support request for that, thanks for doing so. As you know, one of my colleagues has already started the refund process.

Subscriptions initially have auto renew turned on, you need to go into edit plan settings to turn it off.

Hello, the response that you are replying to in this email chain is not me. I am Marcus.

Thank you.

Sorry about that. My first reply was for you, the second was for patrijks. I must remember to click the right Reply button!

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No problem.

Thanks a lot !