Height of scenes/same red & green location

Hi All,

Has anyone encountered a good way to have all scenes be the same height? Ie the red and green axis being locked?

I’m referring specifically to elevations, so that in Layout I only have to adjust the width of the viewport, rather than all four sides.

So far I’ve tried adjusting the camera height so they’re all the same, but that doesn’t work. I’ve also tried setting all elevations scenes to the same camera view, then changing the standard view without doing any panning or zooming. This doesn’t work either.

Any thoughts?

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I do this all the time to make set up in LO easier. I choose the largest elevation first. I seet the Camera to Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view. Then Zoom Extents followed by creating the scene. From there it’s just a matter of selecting the next Standard View and creating a scene. Rinse and repeat for all elevations.

Of course when you get to LayOut, set up the first elevation at the scale you want and then use Copy and Paste to create the additional viewports for the other elevations. Use the left and right cursor keys along with Shift to move the copies while keeping them aligned.

I did that for these.

In LO:

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Seems to work pretty well. Thanks Dave!

That’s a fun looking bunkie.

You’re quite welcome.

It is. I pulled it in from the 3DWH for this example. It required more cleanup than I expected. Could have just about modeled something from scratch more easily. :roll_eyes:

Classic warehouse…

Indeed it is.

I’ve struggle with this myself. I find aligning drawings on a page and adjusting the frame to be painful in LO. I’ve tried something like what @DaveR as much as possible, but I don’t seem 100% successful at it, especially where using sections to generate dozens of interior elevations. For them, sometimes one overall section and scene produce multiple viewports in LO that are just cropped differently. It feels tedious doing it. I keep wishing for a pan tool in LO pan (but not orbit) the view inside the viewport frame. Would it be worth considering having the ability from inside LO to adjust the camera in the SU file and then either update the SU file scene or even create new ones?

Just drag the edges of the viewport instead. You get the same effect as panning without modifying the Camera properties and avoid the potential of royal screwing up things like dimensions and labels.

It might but that could also wreak havoc if you use the same SU file in more than one LO file like I do.

I do, but first you have to move each edge really wide to expose the content you need (that’s at least 4 moves), then move the reference handle thing somewhere (another move) then move the content (at least one more move), and then adjust each frame edge again (at least 4 more move operations). It just feels inelegant. I’m not sure I can suggest a great solution either.

You could do that in one move. On the PC that involves holding Alt while dragging a corner of the viewport.Maybe Command on the Mac?

Or hold Alt/Command and drag one edge to resize in one direction only.

I’d much rather use a few steps to adjust the borders of the viewport than make repairs after a Reset of the Camera properties.