Are there ways to manually input height, tilt, roll, and focal length?

So I am finishing an emergency map, and I have multiple files of the same map. Each file though has different emergency routes for the same facility layout. I am having a problem now keeping the same view of each map. I want each map to have the same height, tilt, roll, and focal length so that when I give the map to my client there will not be a difference with the view. The only difference they will see is the different paths of egress. I have been able to input the height that I want, but have been unsuccessful in tilt and focal length. Is there anyway to manually input exact views in separate files? Is there a better way of accomplishing having the same view while in the same file for multiple maps by making multiple views within one file?

I hope that last question was not confusing. I look forward to any help that can be offered. Also I do have SketchUp Pro.

Sounds like you have not explored scenes

You are correct Mike. I will look at it, thanks.

D.Bur’s “Scene Tools” plugin is also handy, as when you have a camera setup on one scene it can be copied to another scene. Sometimes with the camera tool it can accidentally get shifted and can be hard to match back to another scene view, but this copy camera and then paste camera can be very useful.

Thank you @whiterabbitdesigncompany. I will check it out.

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