How do i keep my perspective/ eye level the same across different files?

I am a newbie and just want to do a simple thing, and that is to have the same viewer eye level/ horizon line and viewer standpoint for all my boxy towers i have built- (one tower in each different sketchup file positioned the same way on the axis and the same width- different heights) I am using sketchup to create 2d files, and want the 2d perspective to be the same as each other.
Things i am checking are the same:
I am setting it to 2 point perspective
I am trying to position the viewpoint straight forward and central, not sure if there is an accurate way to set this
I set the eye/look around tool to 5’ 6"

So why do the bottom tower orthogonal not match up to each other? In fact none of my angles not line up- and is there a way to have a fixed vantage point that looks straight forward and is the same on all my files?
I tried using ISO as a standard view but it looks down and i want to look straight ahead and center at the box tower model.
Here is a pic of what i mean:

Setup a startup template for your models incorporating scenes with the views that you want to have. Use this template for each of your towers and the perspective view will always be the same until you change it.

ah thanks. I wish i had done that. Is there a way to get it afterwards though? i already have 6 tower sketchup files, and am trying my best to match the perspective between them. In future i will do it the way you suggest though. Oh i suppose i could copy paste them into the new file and place on axis. Thanks.

I would recommend doing exactly that.

thank you. I am trying to do that now but i am not sure how to fix the orbit to looking at the center… so that the 2d perspective is even on both sides at the bottom, so the same angle on the ground both sides. Is there a way to do that? i bet there is… i was just eyeballing it… but sometimes it has been a hair off. thanks for the help!

The best way to arrive at the most reliable solution is to post your model. This way other folks can review it and provide good advice based on what is presented.

It is more about setting up my vantage point so it is front and center for exporting to 2D but here it is for what it is. Maybe i should be putting the blue axis in the center not the left edge-I am using the 2D as a template for jigsawing out wooden shapes for paintings. It would be **really ****cool if there was a way to have a ‘standard view’ setting that was like iso, but 2D perspective and centered at a certain height towerF.skp (89.2 KB)

It might make more sense if i show you the next 2 steps for the paintings. Next they go to photoshop to be arranged - here are 4 together… but the bottoms are all a couple of degrees different and the tall one doesn’t match the others near the top either.

I’ve checked that the field of view is all the same- they are all 35 degrees. They are all 3.5’ square on the bottom. They are all set to 5’ 6" eye height. All set to 2D perspective. Surely it should be all the same perspective, but they are all a bit different- must be missing something. Perhaps the zoom, since some are larger etc idk- stuck.

Set up a model file with the saved scenes representing whatever camera angles and other attributes you want shared among the four. You may consider adding placement marks of some kind like the markings on a stage floor. Then save the file. Then Save Copy As… three more times. Now you have a total of four files, each with the same saved scenes and stage markings.

Now you can position the objects in each file based on the same camera positions and ground locations.


Thanks Gully, i like your idea. Marking the ground is a good idea too. I am still having a hard time finding the center… maybe i will move my blue axis to the middle instead of left edge, that might help- nope it doesn’t, just makes the mark under the tower… not front center

edit: ok i think i managed it… i put a square box in front of the tower, hopefully centered, i used the blue axis and also made it from above- there is probably an easier way. It is scene 3. towerF.skp (91.2 KB)

A relatively minor modification to your file will allow you to show your different tower configurations from the same perspective.

towerFmodified.skp (248.7 KB)

You only provided one of the towers in your example file, so I have used that one as a placeholder of sorts. Look at the attached modification and you will notice that there are 4 scenes included. In this file all of the scenes look exactly the same because they all use the same tower. However if you replace the component (or group) shown in the various scenes with one of the other towers the desired views can be obtained. You need to be sure that the replacement towers are located at the same footprint as that in scene 1 (Just make sure that the new towers maintain the same relationship to the origin.)

The scenes all have specific corresponding layers turned on or off to facilitate the visibility of Model 1, 2, 3, or 4. It may seem complex, but it’s really very simple when you get the hang of it. Examine the Entity Info box and the Layers dialog box as you toggle through the scene tabs and it should become understandable.

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ah thanks so much, i didn’t know that scenes worked like layers. That is cool. I just had to change the setting to two dimensional perspective… still not totally sure the view is front and center though it looks like it is.

(I haven’t followed all the replid, sorry if this answer is somewhere in them already)

You can use a simple structure (some lines in a group) as a reference for the view direction and copy it from file to file…

If you need more advances control (e.g. marking of the field of view, …) you can have a look at Thomthoms Camera Tools too.

Cotty beat me to it.

The “position camera” tool is used mostly by modelers producing landscape/architecture perspectives. “Object” modelers don’t use it much (or, at all.) I seldom have need of it, myself.

It is guaranteed do the trick, and the “positioning entities” can be copied from model-to-model, as Cotty recommends. The only other parameter to ensure “sameness,” from model-to-model, would be the field-of-view (FOV)


TAFF and COTTY- you nailed it!! YES this is exactly what was needed.
This is what I have done, and it works:
made a small square 5’ from front edge of tower corner on the ground
then made a 20’ square coming from that-
I did this so I could see a little better when I positioned camera
push pulled its height to 5’ 6"
deleted faces so i can see the tower
then used the position camera on the 2 corners that are on the diagonal at 5’ 6" looking towards tower.
set it to 2d perspective, which it already was… but now since i set it i can use the zoom without dislodging view.
(FOV is 35 deg for all files)

It works yay! Thanks so much for the help everyone! Here is the file if anyone wants to see… I have the 2nd scene as the corrected one using this method, the first scene was when I eyeballed the center- yup it was not 100% center before as you can see when you compare them, so glad I have a reliable way now! I will just delete the helpy structure before I export to 2D and I can group it and copy paste it into all my other files to correct them now!
THANKStowerGnewsquare.skp|attachment (85.0 KB)

You can put the ‘helpy’ structure on it’s own layer and turn it on and off rather than needing to delete it.

ahhhh nice one!!! Also really helpful is Paste in Place
You all rock!