Heatmap for 3D model



I am new to sketchup and was wondering if it is possible to generate and show a heatmap on top of a 3D model in the sketchup environment? If so could someone help me to get it properly.


Where do you want the heatmap? I assume on faces. I have found two ways two do it.

  1. You generate a mesh on the face and then color the faces. This is simple to do in principle, but it gets very slow when the number of colors/materials increases.
  2. You generate the heatmap outside Sketchup and then apply the map to the face as a texture. I use this approach to show results of simulations in Sketchup. See attached pictures. They are generated using a script in Paraview, but any renderer should do.


FYI NREL ( National Renewable Energy Lab) has created a SU compatible extension for analysis you may want to check out. Have not used my self.


Get it here:

Or search from within SketchUp’s Extension Warehouse window for “OpenStudio”.