Heart modeling in skp



Greetings all.
I am a beginner although draw for a much longer time, but very little.
"I would like to know if it can turn this optical illusion in the drawing 3D .I would like to send the drawing my wife’s birthday .
What advice could you give me?


I didn’t do the slight twist in the shape, but tried a general idea. See the attached picture. It’s just two copies of the same shape, with one rotated 90 degrees on two axes, then the two viewed from a particular direction. It only looks correct with parallel projection. It could be done better!


Thank you so much Mr Colin .
It’s not what I want, but that’s very, very close.
Perhaps it would be ok a plugin with which it can be turned a square to 180 degrees , for example , after a curve .
I will try to design a curve , half of heart . At the end of curve one square . Unfortunately I made a curve but when I try to divide , I could not divide all curve in equal segments .
But I think will be able if I will divide each circle separate . After that at each end of the segment I will copy the square , but turned by a few degrees depending on the number of segments .
I will connect all squares using plugin ”curviloft ” and I will see the results . If this doesn’t work, perhaps with plugin ”spirix” surface - rotating ,but for moment I do not know how to use .
With respect .


Good morning .
I have done something but may be worked more . I used squares but had to be rotated 180 degrees, not the 90 . I have connected all with ”curviloft” , but I need to work more with alignment .
How can I add shine and how do I make that the heart to rotate after vertical axis ?
It seems to me that I want too many suddenly…hovel heart by love.skp (294.8 KB)


I was inspired by your design to create a Moebius Heart :slightly_smiling: