How to convert this 2D hook into a 3D one

Hi everybody.

I drew the following 2D hook doing an exercise to practice.


Then I wondered if it would possible to convert it into a 3D one.
I know you can draw a 3D hook, but not sure if this 2D shape would be a good point to start from.
I can use push/pull tool to get something like this:


But it’s not what I want because outward faces are flat.
I would like it look like something more rounded, something like this:


Then looking for more pictures, I found this another model.


I thought this one could be easy to do, so I offset the copy and offset the 2D shape and then I apply curviloft and then I get this result (but as you can see at the end of the gif the last point of the shape doesn’t look good).

I’m sorry for such a long post but I have the following questions (some of them are related to the process):

  1. When I installed curviloft it asked me for a newer Libfredo version, through Windows > Libfredo settings > check plugins for update I got a popup like this one but I didn’t see any option to click and then automaticaly update. is it normal? I uninstall the plugin/extension (I still don’t know what difference they make) and then I installed it again. is it the way to do it?

  1. Any idea or recommendation about how a 3D hook like the first real model I attached can be done? I thought it could be done using QuadFacesTool, Vertex tools and SubD but I guess I should draw it from scratch. if this is a good idea it would be possible to get some steps about how to do it?

  2. Has it been a good idea copy the shape and then applying an offset before using curviloft on it?

  3. My idea was using push/pull and then applying round corner plugin but I think it’s not a good sceneario to use it.So many overlaping faces and artifacts (not sure about this word)

  4. Is this 2D shape a good point to start from before getting the 3D one?

This is my .skp file if it’s required: question.skp (71.2 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Learn how to use SketchUp’s powerful native tools, in this case, Follow Me tool.
Struggling with unnecessary plugins, instead of learning and practice, is a waste of time.

Follow Me Tool

See this copy of the file you shared:
Hook.skp (645.1 KB)

• Scale the model up to help SU create tiny complex geometry. Scale down when finished.
• Use the Drawing Axes and Inferencing to your advantage.
• Experienced modelers often create bits of temporary geometry to help build what they need.

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Good point, Thank you so much.

I guess the process could be similar for a more rounded shape like this one.

Anyway let’s suposse the bottom part is thicker, then I’m not sure follow me tool can’t hep.I mean, follow me tool will help if the shape you want to follow a path is always the same size.

The expectation of modeling such an object in a single operation will prove frustrating.

One approach is to consider complex shapes as a collection of simpler forms.
Model those forms individually; assemble them to create the complex whole.

To be sure, modeling a swivel hook is far more an exercise in sculpture than mechanics.
The path to proficiency with SU requires learning how to deftly manipulate geometry.

Visit the Tweaking Tool Tips section of the SketchUp Sage Site.

Thank you so much Geo :slight_smile:

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This is a very correct word. It is a demanding drawing and time consuming.

sample.skp (717.4 KB)

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Wow, awesome result ecati.
I love it :slight_smile:

EDIT: How long did it take to you?

I’m still with easier things but sometimes ideas about harder things comes to my mind.
The site Geo shared looks good, so I will take it a look even I don’t put it on practice yet.
Tweaking Tool Tips

Only time will be needed after you have found the appropriate pictures for drawing and how you plan to draw. But it is more important that you know how to use Sketchup tools. For this reason, Sketcup tools need to learn well.
This drawing took me about 3 hours.


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It’s a pretty detailed one, congrats.

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