Heal or fill out an area which is not an area

This is way too simple probably - but drawing from different angles I am ending up with one area in the model which just do not want to fill. (The white area) Sometimes you need to fix by redrawing line randomly and the area will actually
Vedensgatan 33.skp (3.4 MB)
fill. I can do this on parts of this white area but not the whole part. Sometimes you have lines not being on the same coplane - z axes -being reason why it is not closing - I have checked and checked again but all seems to be on same level. Is there a way to trace or find where the lines are broken or not matching? Without any extension? With an extension? This happens to me every now and then and I usually just redraw the area - but it takes time escpecially when I have arcs and and curved lines…

Hi Susanne,

If you change the style so the Profiles are set to 1 and the face style to Monochrom, you can see some aras where there are multiple edges. They’ll appear darker than the other areas. Also reversed faces.

Those edges need to be cleaned up so things can be closed. I haven’t pried through all of it yet but I expect there are also some little short stray edges that need to be deleted.

Here’s another trouble spot. Note there are seven edges in that selection near the cursor. There should only be one edge.