Having difficulty using "followme" on a round corner?

Hi everyone, I am having a little issue trying to use followme to wrap a molding around a round corner. Please see pics attached as to what I am trying to do.

I am working on a bed concept and I want to cap the footboard and rails with a nice half round molding as pictured in the attached screen shots. I have a feeling its an easy thing I am just not doing right?? :slight_smile:

Thank you gang!


Are you selecting the curve first before clicking the FollowMe tool icon? It should work fine. Otherwise provide a bit more detail on the process you are using. See below:

Thank you Eric! Not sure what I was doing wrong?? Is there a way to correct this little face issue? And is there a way to make this molding look like 2 pieces so when I stain it i can get the grain running the right way? If this bed goes into production it would have to be 2 pieces with a mitered corner I think?

Thank you sooo much!!


For the hole, you could try patching quickly using ‘Sandbox From Contours’…or try the DaveR Method of scaling up this portion of the model by say 10 or more…then running the previous ‘followme’ step again to see if that resolves it.

Speaking of @DaveR, wood grain and joints are his specialty so I’ll see if he wants to weigh in on your other questions.

FollowMe does not do a clean job when the radius of the fillet is the same as the radius of the corner so that the inside radius becomes zero. There is a rather complicated technical explanation. You can get a better result by using the FollowMe to make a fully circular “donut” shape and cutting away from that the parts you don’t need. Take care that the segment counts match.


eric, thanks for the input! But, how did you get the trim to be 3 pieces? :slight_smile:
thank you!


Is the molding going to be applied to the legs and rails or are the pieces going to be rounded over?

Thanks Dave! I think rounded over will be the best choice! Did you use the fredo extension for that?

Thanks again!


No. I just used Follow Me. I suppose I could have used Round Corner or FredoCorner but since you asked about Follow Me, that’s what I used.

Okay, thank you Dave!!