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Hello folks, I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to re-trace an object and then use the follow me tool? I downloaded an image off the internet and I am trying to re-create the spindle of this bed and then create my own head board and foot board portion.

As you can see I attempted to trace the outline of the spindle but cannot seem to use the follow me tool now? I know i did something that is just not right? LOL

Hopefully someone can shed a little light on this for me, or maybe it cannot be done?

Than ks so much!!


It can be done. I would start with making the imported image quite large. Don’t worry about its real length at this stage. Then you can trace it with the various drawing tools and resize it as needed. You only need to draw half of it so find its centerline and draw that.

I generally find it easier to trace images if I make the edge color red or green and set Profiles to 2 or 3. You might find it easier to keep the edges you draw on plane if you draw a rectangle over the image and set it to X-ray although I generally don’t do that.

I’ve done a couple of tutorials on this sort of thing. I’ll see if I can find them for you.

As for using the Follow Me tool, you need to draw the centerline and erase the rest of the rectangle leaving just the profile. Draw a horizontal circle centered on the centerline of the profile as the path for Follow Me.

You have traced (I think from looking at the image) the outside edge of the spindle. You need to draw a straight vertical centreline as well, then connect the centreline and the profile edges to make a face for FollowMe to follow.

Note that the part of the posts where they join the footboard and headboard is usually square, not turned. You will have to do a follow-me to “lathe” the top part and the foot part and then join them to the square sections. If there are “pommels” (turned transition faces) where the turned parts meet the square, you will need to create them using Intersect Faces With…

Steve makes a good point about the square sections. I’ve done tutorials on making that transition, too. I’ll look for those while I’m at it.

Follow Me after creating the profile.


Ancient video. Process is the same but I guess it’s time to do a new one.

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Thank you guys! Been away the last few days. All your help is always appreciated!!


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