Follow me tool issues

Trying to make a simple handrail for outside steps.

made 1.5 radius spindles and drew line connecting spindles, but won’t follow?
also is it possible to make a component for the rail and different component for the spindles and get the follow me tool to work?

If you’re using follow-me to rotate a profile to make a round spindle like a lathe, follow me can do that. If it didn’t work, upload your SketchUp file here and someone might be able to help you. If you’ve already made the spindle and want to make multiple copies in a straight line, you can do that with the Move tool. Just move with copy the 1st spindle to the 2nd then type x5 or *5 for 5 copies.

Not the follow me tool, but there’s an extension that can do that kind of thing: Profile Builder 3.

Show us your .skp file. I expect it can be made to work to get what you need.