Have new 30 day trial... yet unable to open a skp file

I’m logged in and try to open skp file. Signing in screen appears yet only given option to Launch Browser Again. Pressing button does nothing. 1st = Need to know instructions on how to open program and 2nd = Allow import a skp file so that it can be modified.

Try deleting this (hidden) file in the user library:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2022/login_session.dat

Restart SketchUp

How do I find this hidden file?

Copy the text and in Finder > Go > Go to folder paste it.

I did do that step… copied exactly and several variation. No results were found.

If that file (login_session.dat) is not there, something might have gone wrong during the installation or you might have started the app from the image disc, instead of the Application folder.
Try to start from there.

Started from application in folder. Here’s where it gets stuck.

open Safari, clean the cache, delete all Trimble/SketchUp related cookies (trimble.com) and try again.


I have done this several times. Could there be a conflict between my iPad and iMac? I can use the iPad… yet where I really need is to make it usable on my desktop. That’s where my real work occurs!!!


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go to the Trimble AMP, login w/ your registered email address and deauthorize all activated devices by “My Products > SketchUp Pro > Manage Devices…”.