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Is there a way to do the same thing as Autocad ?.. for example ( see my picture in attach) The hatch of the floring are under the cabinet and carpets etc… ? And do you know if is there a website to have blocks for layout such as sofa , beds , window etc ?

The hatching can be done in LayOut in several ways. One would be to outline the floor plan as a shape on a layer below the SketchUp viewport layer (I assume your plan is modeled in SketchUp) and give that shape a hatched fill.

As for the furniture objects, you could get 2D components from the 3D Warehouse and use them to create a scrapbook of the objects in LayOut. Generally setting out the walls, furniture, and other content is more easily done in SketchUp, though.

You can also use ‘Color by Tag’ feature in SU to create a ‘hatch’ style. This means you don’t have to mess about with layers, scrapbooks or tracing areas:

Floor is on its own tag.

Hatch material added:

Oh how I remember the days of ACAD crashing due to hatching! That was so fun. As noted above you can do all that in SU.

Or when you opened a DWG file to find someone had put in a large area of dot hatching that looked solid but wasn’t.

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