Has anyone used Curic Section extension?

Hey has anyone used Curic Section extension? I use Skalp now but I have found it to be buggy & frustrating to use.

Aloha from the Hawaii Island, David

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Yep, Curic Section works well, their other extensions are more than worth a look, I use a couple of them. I also used SKALP previously but have not for a while.

I haven’t used it but from what I can see in videos it appears to just draw the section fill when you ask it, not automatically like Skalp.

You have the option for it to refresh section cuts, or to do it manually only.

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Thank for the feedback, I just got figure out if I want to spend the money, then spend the time to learn something new.

Aloha from Hawaii Island, Uncle David

You might also see if TIG’s SectionCutFace would do what you want. I find it quite useful.

Hey DaveR, I’ve used TIG’s SCF, but can you put in different fills in?

Uncle David

It creates a face and you can apply whatever materials you want to it if you unlock it. I always turn off locking when I add the section cut face.

Quickie example using two different sketchy pattern styles.

That sounds like it could work!! I’ve been using Skalp but it’s real buggy & frustrating. I do a lot of architectural drafting & need to use different fills to show materials in the section.
Thanks DaveR


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Hello DaveR. A question about it … isn’t it the same to use the native Sketchup option “create cutting group”?

I think you mean Group from Slice and no. it isn’t quite the same. Group from slice only makes a group of edges but no face and it puts the edges right on the section cut. Section Cut Face on the other hand create a face and sets it very slightly behind the section cut so it will actually show. There some additional features with it, too, such as the ability to give the face a tag and other stuff.

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Hey DaveR, did you make your own hatch’s? They look pretty cool.


Hi UD,

The hatch on the piece on the left is a native material in the Patterns collection in Materials.

The blue one is the same material but I edited in an external image editor and gave it the color. Once a material is in the In Model Materials, you can edit it in an external editor if you have linked to it in Preferences>Applications.

Edit to add: It really isn’t difficult to make your own custom hatches if you want to do it. In fact you can draw the pattern in SketchUp and export an image to import as a texture. I sometimes do custom tile patterns that way, too.

The automatic feature is a double-edged sword and I’ve removed it from the Curic Section. If you’ve worked on large projects or large files, you’ll find it annoying. Many users come to the Curic Section because it is fast and efficient. :slight_smile:


Glad you are interested in the Curic Section! I’m its author. Let me know if you need any information.


Hey voquochai, I use some of your other extensions, they are great by the way. Yes I’m very interested in your Section ext. I was wondering about, like some documentation on how to use it, I watched your videos on YouTube but had some trouble following your work method. I think it be a big help to my workflow.

Aloha from Hawaii Island, Uncle David

Curic is great! I also used Skalp. Curic section is faster, AMS IT has better DXF export

I would say stay away from Curic section because the documentation is zero and the YouTube tutorials do little to demystify the process. I bought it and sadly gave up after the author never responded to my requests for information / guidance. I do like the other Curic plugins.

Hey voquochai, I really like the Section Extension and how logical it is to use. One thing I do not understand is the purpose of the Hatch CAD at the bottom of the Materials box, can you help? Thanks

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I’m trying to figure out how to use this hatch CAD option. Did you manage to set it up ?
Thank you for your help !