Curic Extension: Section Lite

Curic Section Lite - Free version of Curic Section

Create Section Drawings


  • Create/Manage Section by Scene
  • Object section filled by Tag/Material
  • Tags/Materials Manager
  • Drawing scale

Check it out: Curic Section Lite | SketchUp Extension Warehouse


Perhaps it would be of use to list / illustrate the differences between the paid version (Curic Section) and this new free version (Curic Section Lite)?

Curic Section Compare


Used Ciric Lite, was working good, but now the button and menu doesn’t open. Updated it, re-installed it, , closed opened SU (2021) nothing works. I am in the middel of a project, what to do?

Hi All,

Curic Section is only creating a face for some of my groups and not others. For example, it will cut through my floor and create a face, but not the walls. I’ve checked that these groups are all solids, and they are, so I don’t know what do do for objects that it doesn’t not create faces for when cut through. Has anyone else run into this?

I’ve been playing around with Curic Section Lite too and have noticed this quirk. The workaround I’ve used is to close the Section Lite dialog box (if open) then click the icon to restart the extension and then click the Update Section button. Hope this fixes your issues.