Curic Section VS. Skalp Section

Has anyone tried Curic Section and Skalp Section? Which is more powerful and more functions? any thoughts and opinions? I plan to use it in conjuction with skecthup layout to produce 2d documents. Thanks

A little off topic (somewhat), Curic Section Lite (free) also available now, works on SU2020 onwards.

I’ve used both Skalp and Curic Section. Skalp is good and useful, but I moved on from it to Curic Section. Back then there were some nagging bugs and possible incompatibilities with other extensions that made me go looking. Curic Section is also good, truth be told I miss the reverse face projection from Skalp but sticking to Curic for the time being though.

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After working with Skalp Section for a couple months, I’ve finally figured out the proper workflow to get it working for me with as few issues as possible. There just seems to be a procedure I have to run through each time to make sure the sections get updated properly when I change the geometry and when I need to update multiple scenes. Here are a couple screenshots from some of my 2D documentation sets using Sketchup + Skalp + @medeek’s plugins + Layout:

It’s a great workflow until I decide to switch over to Archicad!


do you mind sharing why you prefer archicad vs revit?


For me, comparing them results in a tie. Both have some useful features that the other lacks. My main tool at the moment is Archicad, but I prefer the interface of Revit. It manages to pack a lot of functionality in a simple (even somewhat dull) interface, while the Archicad one is a Blender-like proliferation of menus, toolbars, modal and nonmodal windows, windows behind windows, almost no standardized object parameters etc.

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Impressive work.


For me it’s similar to my dislike of 3ds Max - both seem very archaic and not very intuitive, bad UX design. The yearly “updates” are a joke too.
Maybe it’s just because Archicad was made by architects that I prefer it, but I’ve spent enough time with both to know that Archicad is the right direction for me personally. Plus, Autodesk’s products are a little out of my price range for a one-man architectural design company.

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What scares me is that the dev never answers and also the errors and complaints I’ve read. Crashes and the like.