Handle using Follow Me

I’m trying to make a handle like this using Follow Me.


I select my path, Follow Me, choose profile.


What am I doing wrong?


I don’t really want to get it from the 3DWH as I’m trying to widen my array of skills.

Follow Me won’t follow forking paths. Really Follow Me isn’t appropriate for what you are trying to do. Draw three circles and use Push/Pull to extrude them. Then use Intersect Faces to cut the posts off at the hnadle.

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Alright thanks @DaveR.

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The result isn’t that smooth.

What am I doing wrong?

You extruded the post too far and you haven’t erased the unneeded geometry.


Why don’t you try setting it up the way I showed you?

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Think about what you need and use the inference engine.


Sorted. Thank you @Box and @DaveR

For some models, my philosophy is to start with the complex parts.

See this SU file for ideas.

Handle.skp (177.2 KB)

The “feet” should be smaller diameter than the bar. (this makes the joint geometry less than perfect–without special modeling). Also the little chamfer on the ends is good if you want it to look nice.

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