Follow me paths transition


I’m making this handle for a sword, but I can’t seem to make the 2 ‘follow me’ paths to flow into eachother (highlighted in red en green)

Anyone know how to do this?


Are you trying to merge / loft the small pipe endings into the the larger pipe? it is hard to see in your graphic.

Would it be possible for you to upload the skp file? We can use it to better understand the paths and the profiles you are working with.


I am trying to make it so there is a smooth transition between the outer part of the handle and the main part. at the end, it needs to become one smooth part

Aragorn sword 2.skp (721.7 KB)

The last two line segments need to be on the red axis, so when you use follow me they will come in parallel to your face. I’m sorry I’m not the best at explaining, but I hope that’s enough.

Let me try to explain it in another way: I want to make the follow me path like in this picture. How can I do such a thing?



something like this?


In this example, the width of the bottom curved surface is equal to the width of the profile.
I would have to do a little bit of intersect and clean up due to overlap but this is simple to do or it can avoided with a better path.

I hope this helps


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There are quite a few things that I needed to fix in the model, including a lot of smoothed faces and extra hidden geometry. I wasn’t fully done with it, but got it close enough to show what I wanted to show!

It was only recently that it occurred to me that the other way of using the follow me tool is handy for these cases. Like Chris I used to carefully select the segments of the path, then let the follow me tool do the path in one go. But, the other way is to let the tool find the segments as you go along. It’s a lot quicker in cases like this:

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Thanks for the help, it looks way better now.


Or this?

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With a few minutes of cleanup and some plugin free hand stitching you could make something like this.

You only need make one, then copy for the other seven.