Group to 'Make Component'

@colin, @Mark, when changing a rotated group to a component with right click > ‘Make Component’ the conversion does not respect the group’s axes. The component gets axes according to the current drawing axes.
This is not as expected / as should, and unlike how it used to be in previous versions.

rotated group

after ‘Make Component’ out of this rotated group

current SketchUp Web (free)

That is strange. Desktop and iPad SketchUp don’t do that.

@marwanobeidat may know of a reason for web to be different to desktop and iPad.

@marwanobeidat, different results when applying the same tool or instruction would be inconsistent between different versions of SketchUp. Also it used to work the same way in previous updates of the free version. (I can’t think of any reason other than this being a little bug)

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I think this is just a bug. Thanks for the report!

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We will investigate and report back.