Changing axes in groups vs components

Has anyone else noticed that in components you can change the axes just by right clicking on the screen but for groups you have to go to the menu to do the same thing.
It is a little bit annoying and I am wondering if anyone has any idea why this is so…

What menu item are you refering to?
To enter the group, select and press Enter, then rightclick on the axis and (re)place

We can only guess as of why this was implemented this way. Perhaps to make clear that there is a difference. Sometimes, little annoyences can turn into most appreciated behaviors, though…:grinning:


Oh the embarassement!
I’ve been working with sketchup for 15 years and I didn’t know that.
You’re using ‘place’ by right clicking on the axes. I used to just select ‘move axes’ by clicking on blank space.(with components) For Groups, I went to top menu/tools/axes
At least I learned how to do it! hehehe
Thanks man!
P.S. still, one would expect the ‘move axes’ command to be either present or absent in both.
(I just said that to sound less stupid hahhaha)

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