Group 'disconnect' command

I am using SU Pro 2020, Italian version.
Inside the model I made a group (a well) than I proceeded with other operations; time later I wanted to move the well in an other position (height), but I it was moving randomly in the world, without any inference with other objects. After many attempts I found a command in the context menu (selecting the gorup) which I never noted nor used. The term in Italian is ‘scollega’ that could possibly translated in ‘disconnect’ or ‘disjoin’. I include an image of the menu.
Activating this command return the group to be managed as expected.
Note that this group is standalone, not part of any other group.
I made a search with Google but I did non find any explanation for this command.

Now, the questions are:

  • what does this command do?
  • when and how the group was ‘connected’ and to what? I can not find a related command in an menu.


In English it is Unglue.
When you make a group on something it will become Glued and will only move in that plane. Unglue will allow it to move in all directions again.

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When you create a group on an existing face, it receives the ‘Glue to’ property automatically.
If you need it on another plane, it’s better to create a Component, which you can drag out of the component panel.
Or make a copy: