Grass texture issue

I have an issue where I would create a face with rounded corners, which create a triangulated area.

When I try rendering a grass texture on this face with a displacement map the texture is noticably different along the triangles.

I then tried to use fur plugin to create the grass, but this also creates an issue where it creates a larger number of grass elements on the triangulated part.

I’ve been searching around the web for a few days but haven’t managed to find a solution. Any help would be much appritiated.

The question is how did you get the triangulation? If the face is flat with radius corners it shouldn’t be triangulated.
Is it not flat or in some way altered?

In the picture above I actually triangulated it so the lines appear to showcase my problem. Maybe I formulated my question wrongly. The area isn’t triangulated as seperate objects, but the problem is still there before aswell. Pictured below.

You’ve lost me.
It is either triangulated or it is flat and co planner.
I suggest you attach the model so someone can check it to understand your question better.
I can’t as I’m currently on a phone.

As @Box says, it is hard to say with certainty unless you upload your model. However, it appears in the figures that at minimum your shape has a “fold” along the construction line between the dense and sparsely textured areas. If you view hidden geometry, what do you see?

Yes, I did not mean it is triangulated seperately, but the grass is being applied as if the flat area has seperate triangles on which the texture is applied.

grass.skp (2.6 MB)

I’m not clear how you applied the grass to your model, but what is happening is that there are nine groups of grass that appear to have started the same and then been scaled to fit the width and length of the arc segments of the curved and straight edges of your base. This stretching causes the individual “blades” to become farther and farther apart.

You can see the effect pretty clearly in this screenshot, where I selected all of the groups

It’s not a matter of adding grass in a specific way. Here is an example of using a grass texture with a displacement of 20. The same problem occurs where the texture is clearly different along the area with the curved edges.