Graphics driver diagnostics utility needed

This forum contains loads of threads relating to graphic drivers, windows 10 updates that wreck SketchUp, HP updates, slow performance, features that cause splats or hangs etc. There is never a simple fix because it is not possible to perform the research that is required.

What we need a simple stand alone utility provided by the SketchUp programming team that does all the relevant system calls to the graphics sub system and displays on the screen (with an option to create a text file) all the data that is required to analyze any potential issue associated with graphics drivers. Additionally, it should give an indication of the speed, the PAN time in mS of a decent model, the ROTATE time, the REDRAW time and in particular the HIDE time (ie the four things that can make SketchUp unusable)
All of us with issues could run the utility and make our results available. That way we could see what was the best laptop, processor, graphics card etc and give us all the ability to see how best to spend our money (I have a PC sitting idle in the corner of my study with an Asus GeForce card, works SketchUp great but it heats my entire study, blew up my UPS and is so high res, it is virtually impossible to run non CAD/games applications on it!)

Doesn’t this give what you need?

• CPU: high-clocked intel Core i5/i7 (4th gen. and higher, no low-power U/UM versions)
• GPU: nVidia GeForce GT(X), nothing else.

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