Graphics Card Upgrade


I have a graphics card that I purchased a couple of years ago but never installed - first my setup is:
su 2013/14
windows 7

the card is a Galaxy Nvidia GEFORCE GT620
OpenGl 4.2
Anyone familiar with this particular card and will it work for SU?

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it will work but the GT 620 is not the fastest


Thanks. I know its an old one. Which one would you recommend?


if the system does have a PCIe slot go for the GeForce GTX 750Ti (~150 bucks) or better as e.g. the GTX 960 (~200 bucks). The 750Ti will be replaced soon by the new GTX 950, therefore you may want wait some weeks/month.

The MSI TwinFrozr and Asus Strix models with 2 big (=silent) fans are regularly a good choice. Check that there is enough space in the case of your desktop and that your power supply is capable to provide the required wattage before buying.


Thanks. Just the information I was looking for.
Anyway, would you agree that the GT620 would be better than the current
"Intel® HD Graphics Family" that I am currently using?


[quote=“pault728, post:5, topic:13048, full:true”]
…would you agree that the GT620 would be better than the current “Intel® HD Graphics Family” that I am currently using?[/quote]

probably because the driver of the GF does in general provide a better OpenGL support than the integrated intel HD regardless of the performance.


Of course.

My Asus Ultrabook has a GeForce 620 M and it runs my (they are mostly small) models quite well. A desktop version would be somewhat faster