Graphics card and ram not recognized by Sketchup



Graphics card and ram not recognized by Sketchup Pro/Make/Checkup > Seriously ?
Skecthup crash everytime when I want delete/move/open big thing
I can’t export/import because Sketchup crash
I have a big project and I can’t do anything ! Anyone know how I can open .skp file with Cinema4D or 3dsMax ?

Windows 10 64bits, Intel i7 6700K, AMD R9 290X 4GB GDDR5, 8GB ram 32000Mhz


What version of SketchUp? Did you install using Run as Administrator? Just a thought…

Why the installer must be "run as administrator")


And if your machine just won’t run 2017 (some won’t if the graphics card or driver doesn’t fully support OpenGL 3.0 or higher), then try SU 2016 - it’s available in both Pro and Make (the latter only for non-commercial use) at

Also, read this post which covers many of the issues for solving problems with graphics drivers or Windows 10 for SU 2017,

AMD Radeon graphics cards and drivers are known to be weak in support for OpenGL.


With SU open, go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL. Click on the Details button to check which graphics hardware is being used.

Are you using a laptop? By default, the integrated Intel graphics is used to save power. You must direct laptops to used the more powerful graphics card in that situation.

Any SU plugins installed?

Sending in bugsplat crash reports with your email address entered?

Ignore the 0 RAM report from Checkup. That’s related to a known MS bug on how that sort of stuff can be recognized.

And last, but not least, there have been some unfortunately timed, buggy MS updates with VC++, some security updated for Windows 10 and the most recent issues with Windows 10 Creators.update - all which don’t play nice with SU. But let’s start with the some of the basics first (listed above), including, did you install SU by r-clicking on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?


Ver. 17.2.2555
Already executed as administrator


My graphic card has 4.5 OpenGL so I have full 3.0 OpenGL


Software use my graphic card


No plugins installed :confused:



Even though the graphics card manufacturer claims to have OpenGL 4.5, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is 100% OpenGL compliant. Some of the lesser used function calls may be missing (which is known to happen with AMD cards.) Check with the AMD website for latest driver.


@ReMiii40, I’m sorry to hear you’re seeing crashes with SketchUp 2017.

Thank you for the screenshot showing the errors reported by CheckUp. The first error in the CheckUp results pane indicates there was a problem executing msinfo32.exe (a tool provided by Microsoft that we use for gathering system information). The subsequent errors are all a result of msinfo32 failing to run and can be ignored here.

As for the crashes you’re seeing when running SketchUp itself, please send bugsplat reports including your email address or some identifying information in the comment field. The bugsplat report includes the location in the code where the crash occurred and these reports are critical in helping us track down the source of crashes.


install latest AMD Crimson v17.5.1 f. Windows 10 x64 from 04.5.2017.


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