Got billed for three pro subscriptions

I tried to take advantage of the cyber week deal and get the discount on my Pro membership as my renewal date is within a few weeks of the the cyber20 deal. It told me it pro rated the discount for my subscription but billed me for THREE pro memberships. I just logged into my account and noticed it billed me for TWO pro memberships last year, I didn’t catch it at the time with the holidays and all the additional spending on my credit card. With the exchange rate this is going to cost me just shy of 1500 CDN dollars and I’m a small one man operation on a limited budget.

Has anyone else had this happen? It should be clearly stated this is for NEW PRO subs only but I didn’t see that mentioned in the promo anywhere.

I’ve sent a message to customer service but have yet to hear back.

The support hours only started a couple of hours ago, hopefully someone will be replying soon.

The cyber discount only applied to new subscriptions, and so your purchase added seats to your existing subscription. Those then renewed at the full yearly price.

Support will hopefully suggest you get refunds for the extra subscription and for the renewals, and then only renew the one seat that you intended to keep. You may as well ask if there is any other discount that could be applied instead of the cyber one.

Thanks for your help, hopefully I hear something soon.