Google toolbar missing from menu

I am missing the google toolbar from my toolbar menu, how can I get one?

There is no Google toolbar to get. What is it you’re looking to access? The 3D Warehouse is accessed from the Warehouse toolbar and Locations are added with the Location toolbar. There’d be nothing to do with a Google toolbar if there was one.

On page263 of “the Sketchup Workflow for Architecture” there is a ‘google toolbar’ to ADD A LOCATION and activative the terrain toggle for contours and stuff.

Well, that’s old and out of date information. Instead, use the Location toolbar as I said in my previous post.

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I changed my internet browser to Crome, File>Geo location>address and used my location tool bar to get the three dimensional contours I needed, I am still using "The Sketchup Workflow for Architecture " as a guide for much of my work, unless you recommend another. Thank you for your guidance. Regards

You’re quite welcome.

Keep in mind that although you may use Chrome as you Internet Browser, SketchUp still uses Internet Explorer so you want to make sure it is kept up to date.