Web only has basic toolbars on the side. No way to access warehouse for .stl generator

Just started a class on SketchUp. Loaded the free version successfully and can draw with basic tools. I want to create a file that can be 3D printed so tried to access the warehouse per the course instructions. My desktop looks nothing like the 2015 version used in the training. The warehouse icon is not visible anywhere. Help !
I am using a Win10 machine with i7 uP accessing the SketchUp through Chrome.
Thanks in advance for your help!

It sounds from your description as if you are using SketchUp Free, the web based version. Is that right? If so, the STL export is available through the file menu as below.

Hi DaveR,

That was it ! Very perceptive - I was able to create an .stl file right away.
That is an example of something I refer to as “menu buried”.
Because the training menu was totally different, I had no idea it was in there.
Thank you very much for your help !


The video you were looking at was for the desktop version of SketchUp while you are using the Web-based browser version. While most of the tools work in the same way, the user interfaces are different. You should probably spend time in the Help files for SketchUp Web as poke around at the various buttons and menus to see what’s what.

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